He Was a Poet and Didn’t Know It
Saturday May 27th 2006, 10:56 am
Filed under: Redneck Jokes

A poetry contest had come down to two finalists, a Harvard graduate and a redneck from Texas. They were given a single word, then allowed five minutes to try to come up with a poem that contained the word they were given. This time they were given the word, “Timbuktu.”

The Harvard grad got to go first. This is his poem::

Slowly across the desert sand,
Trekked a lonely caravan,
Men on camels, two by two,
Destination Timbuktu.

The audience applauded loudly thinking there was no way the redneck would be able to come up with a better poem than the Harvard grad. The redneck scoffed, confidently strolled up to the microphone and said:

Me and Tim a huntin’ went.
Met three hoes in a pop up tent.
They was three, and we was two.
So I bucked one, and Timbuktu.